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Little Miss Dizzy is an orange, rou
Little Miss Dizzy

How dizzy can she get?

nd Little Miss with a fuchsia nose, a red fanny pack, blue and white sneakers, a dark blue bow, and an extra-long yellow ponytail. She was created by MrMenCentral.

About herEdit

Color: Orange Shape: Round

Nose: Fuchsia oval

Hair: Yellow hair in an extra-long ponytail Dung De da Le looooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Relatives: Mr. Dizzy (brother) and Mr. Bounce (cousin)

Friends: Most of the characters

Rivals: Mr. Uppity, Miss Naughty, anyone else who tries to cut her hair

Likes: Spinning around

Dislikes: Losing her spin, getting her hair cut (which never happens)

Features: Red fanny pack, blue and white sneakers, dark blue bow

Catchphrases: "Whoa!", "I'm getting dizzy!"

Fun Facts: She has the ability to teleport when she spins. If a character gets caught in her hair when she teleports, they teleport as well. Whenever she spins, music plays.

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