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Little Miss I

Little Miss I

Little Miss I and Mr. T are two fan-made Mr. Men characters created by MrMenCentral. They look like the letters I and T, respectively.
Mr. T

Mr. T


Miss IEdit

Miss I and her brother, Mr. T, live together. One day, Mr. T leaves, so Miss I goes off to look for him. Along her way, she sees various characters who tell her which way Mr. T went. As she finds her bow which had been missing for a while, she realizes that maybe Mr. T left because of this. Her bow, which is the same color as her, resembles the dot on a lowercase i. She puts the bow on and goes back to her house, and she finds Mr. T, who now looks like a capital T instead of a lowercase one. When Miss I asks him why he's a capital T now, Mr. T replies that he ate a little (It is later revealed that whenever Mr. T eats something, he temporarily turns into a capital T).

Mr. TEdit

Mr. T does not have his own story yet.

About themEdit

Miss IEdit

Name: Little Miss I

Gender: Female

Color: Orange

Shape: Rectangle

Nicknames: none

Family: Mr. T (brother)

Friends: Mr. T, the rest of the characters.

Crush: none.

Hair Color: Yellow

Likes: being with Mr. T

Dislikes: being separated from Mr. T, losing her bow

Catchphrase: unknown.

Fun Facts: She is able to change her height.

Mr. TEdit

Name: Mr. T

Gender: Male

Color: Red

Shape: lowercase t (capital T after eating something)

Nicknames: none

Family: Miss I (sister)

Friends: Miss I, the rest of the characters.

Crush: none.

Hair Color: none

Likes: being with Miss I

Dislikes: Miss I losing her bow

Catchphrase: unknown.

Fun Facts: Whenever he eats something, his shape temporarily changes from a lowercase t to a capital T.

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