Mr. Awesome is the brother of Miss Naughty who looks the same as her 2008 version, but with a yellow bowtie. He lives across the street from her house, which is a replica of her house from her book, in a mansion the size of a baseball field. It has a McDonald's (product placement), a pool, a patio, a Playground, and more. His servant is Miss Jealous, which house was run over by Mr. Rude's truck. He pulls pranks by himself, and sometimes Miss Naughty helps him do it. His plots start with a title card similar to the one in this video, and they end with the same "THE END" card and audio from the LA public access show Skip TV's YouTube uploads.


Mr. Brainiac (Mr. Rangers): Both are good-natured, but Mr. Awesome thinks this section is full of incorrect information.

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