Mr. Dudeman

Mr. Dudeman

Mr. Dudeman is a fan-made Mr. Man created by MrMenCentral. He is also his Mr. sona too.


Misskind gofish

From left to right: Mr. Dudeman, Mr. X-ray, Miss Kind, and Mr. Big.

Name: Mr. Dudeman

Gender: Male

Color: Purple

Shape: Round

Nicknames: none

Family: Little Miss Slippery (sister), Little Miss Wacky (sister), Little Miss Athletic (cousin), Jenny Searchanfind ("computer sister"), Dot the Cat (pet cat).

Friends: Mr. Bopit, Miss Hologram, Mr. Pirate, Miss Slippery, Miss Wacky, the rest of the characters.

Crush: none, though Miss Knots once thought he had one on Miss Kind.

Hair Color: Brown (revealed when he loses his hat in one episode)

Likes: fanny packs (can't you tell?), conjoined twins, cats, Mr. Men (obviously), Homestar Runner, Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures, CatDog, Ozy and Millie, Dr. Seuss, Noonbory and the Super 7, SpongeBob SquarePants, Hamsterball, The Muppets, Get Smart, Gilligan's Island, Fraggle Rock, Odd Squad, and the list goes on.

Dislikes: being the victim of one of Miss Naughty's pranks, failing to solve his cases.

Catchphrase: "You know what that means!", "And so, once again...", "Would you believe...", "Missed it by that much.", "And loving it.", and "What's next?"

Fun Facts: He has had visitors from various series, including Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs. Also, he cannot be scared by Miss Scary.

Voice ImpressionsEdit

Being based on MrMenCentral, Mr. Dudeman is capable of impersonating voices. This is featured a lot in The Mr. Men and Little Miss Show.

Character whose voice was impersonated Episode the voice was used in
Plankton from SpongeBob SquarePants Summer and all of his appearances that follow
Miss Kind Plays (when he is disguised as her)
Maxwell Smart from Get Smart

most of his appearances

Dr. O from Odd Squad

whenever he says "What's next?"

Mr. Dudeman's EmotionsEdit

Mr. Dudeman's Emotions, based on the Emotions from Inside Out, have their own articles.

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