Mr. Sesquipedalian


Mr. Sesquipedalian (AKA Mr. Brain) is a fan-made Mr. Man created by MrMenCentral.

About himEdit

Name: Mr. Sesquipedalian

Gender: Male

Color: Silver

Shape: Round

Nicknames: Mr. Brain (nearly everyone calls him that because it's easier to say than "sesquipedalian")

Family: Mr. Wacky (brother)

Friends: Mr. Wacky

Rivals: Mr. Dudeman

Crush: none.

Hair Color: none

Likes: Trying to take over the world.

Dislikes: When his plans to take over the world fail (which they always do).

Catchphrase: "Yes!", "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

Fun Facts: He was inspired by Brain from Pinky and the Brain, although nowadays he doesn't try to take over the world as much as Brain. In fact, he doesn't try to take over the world at all nowadays!


Mr. Sesquipedalian was born on September 13, 1993, in Tiddletown, Misterland, to Mr. Smart and Little Miss Silly. He looked like Mr. Smart, except for the tail. Mr. Smart was known for using long words, which he was sure Mr. Sesquipedalian would do as well. That, combined with Miss Silly's desire for him to have a name that referenced itself, was how Mr. Sesquipedalian got his name. When his brother, Mr. Wacky, was born in 1996, Mr. Sesquipedalian already had an advanced vocabulary for his age. In 2004, he and Mr. Wacky left Tiddletown and went to Dillydale, the capital of Misterland. By 2009, Mr. Sesquipedalian had the desire to take over the world, so he and Mr. Wacky did this every night, when no one would suspect a thing. Unfortunately for him, all his plans failed. At the beginning of 2010, Mr. Sesquipedalian realized he would never succeed in taking over the world, so he and Mr. Wacky opened a detective agency, without knowing Mr. Dudeman already had one. This resulted in somewhat of a rivalry with Mr. Dudeman.

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