Mr. Zany

He packs away the snacks, and he's zany to the max!

Mr. Zany is a fan-made Mr. Man created by MrMenCentral. He was inspired by Wakko Warner from Animaniacs.

About himEdit

Name: Mr. Zany

Gender: Male

Color: Black

Shape: Round

Nicknames: none

Family: Mr. Humor (brother), Miss Zany (sister)

Friends: Mr. Humor, Miss Zany, the rest of the characters

Crush: none.

Hair Color: none

Likes: lots of things.

Dislikes: A few things.

Catchphrase: unknown

Fun Facts: He was inspired by Wakko Warner from Animaniacs (seen in his appearance, voice, and personality); he is described as "zany to the max."


"Are we being punished?"

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